The Vocational Trainig Center to the Union for Private Economic Enterprise was established in 2004 and was licensed by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training – license 200412156 from April 14th, 2004 – https://www.navet.government.bg/bg/registar-na-tsentrovete-za-profesiona/.

We offer specilised trainings, seminars and professional qualification and trainings for personnel and unemployed.

The Vocational Training Center to UPEE aims to:

  • create competent specialists to meet modern standards of qualification;
  • organise and provide trainings and qualifications according to the European standards;
  • participate in the organization of international, national and regional events related to the promotion of the achievements of modern education;
  • provide services, advice and support on all matters related to career development.

The VTC to the UPEE is experienced in the implementation of European projects and programs.