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Violina Nakova, President of the Union for Private Economic Enterprise: Some of the industrial enterprises will be forced to shut down

Violina Nakova , President of the Union for Private Economic Enterprise , answered questions about the national protest against the drastic increase in the price of electricity and the measures to be taken:

Violina Nakova

What is the reason for the dissatisfaction of the business regarding the crisis with the price of electricity and what will be its consequences?

The problem with the price of electricity started during the summer, but then the reasons were related to the peculiarities of the regulation of our national market, which allowed the use of speculative practices, now the drastic increase is related to the problems of the European market. The electricity market for non-household consumers in the country was fully liberalized on July 1st this year and now all non-household subscribers are severely affected. Such are not only enterprises, but also schools, kinder gardens, social institutions, state and municipal enterprises, etc. The increase is drastic, and the cost of electricity is part of the fixed costs of any business, where the payment of the price cannot be postponed. For companies that perform contracts with already agreed prices, the problem is serious because they will have to work at a loss. This makes our companies uncompetitive. In my opinion, there is a misunderstanding of the depth and seriousness of the problem, especially with regard to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. We warned about this problem back in August, but unfortunately the reaction was delayed.

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