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UPEE participates in consultations with Deputy Prime Minister Galab Donev, Minister of Finance Asen Vassilev and Minister of Economy Kiril Petkov in connection with business support measures

On May 26, 2021, the Union for Business Initiative participated in a consultation with Deputy Prime Minister Galab Donev, Minister of Finance Asen Vassilev and Minister of Economy Kiril Petkov in connection with measures to support business during the covid crisis.

According to the Executive Deputy Chairman of the organization, Ms. Violina Nakova, the measures implemented so far have had a positive effect on maintaining employment and preventing a significant increase in unemployment during the crisis. She presented data from a survey conducted among the members of the organization in the transport industry on the evaluation of the effectiveness of the implemented measures to support business.

At present, the development of the economic crisis is at another stage – there is an ongoing recovery of business, but the recovery process is not developing at the same pace in different industries, and for tourism and transport, this recovery has not yet begun or is at a very early stage. . In view of this, the transition from supporting to the independence of enterprises must be smooth and be consistent with the current state of the business and the observed trends for its development.

The Business Initiative Union has argued that, at present, the focus of measures, especially in the tourism sector, should be on implementing measures to stimulate consumption in order to help the market return to normal functioning.

In this context, Ms. Nakova pointed out that the Union for Business Initiative supports the extension of the term of payment of the supplements of BGN 50 to pensioners, because this encourages consumption.

She suggested implementing a voucher tourism scheme for pupils, students, vulnerable social groups, postcoid patients, as well as public and private sector employees with a certain income threshold per family member. The application of such a voucher scheme will motivate many Bulgarian tourists to spend their holidays in Bulgaria. In addition to the funds from the vouchers themselves, other liquid funds will flow into the economy from the additional payment for accommodation services and / or from the payment of additional services by the users of the vouchers themselves. The effect of the measure will be multiplied by retaining capital in the country and they will be aimed at stimulating the real market and its activation.

To stimulate consumption in the tourism industry, additional measures should be taken that do not have a direct financial expression or at least not significantly, but would have a significant beneficial effect, such as organizing priority vaccination of tourism employees to make our country a safe tourist destination. ; simplification of the procedures and reduction of the requirements for access to the territory of our country for tourists; creating a clear protocol for action in a tourist sick with COVID-19; undertaking a massive campaign by the Ministry of Tourism with the support of other interested ministries to present Bulgaria as a safe destination, with vaccinated staff in the tourism industry, clear protocols for action in patients with COVID-19 and easy procedures for access to the country .

Ms. Nakova emphasized that given that the recovery processes are not proceeding at the same pace and that they are linked to external factors such as the state of the economies of other countries in our export portfolio, in addition to incentive measures, such measures should be implemented. direct support to businesses, but only for those who are still experiencing significant difficulties as a result of the COVID crisis.

The SSE will submit to the Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Economy its concrete proposals for taking measures to support economic recovery.