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UPEE opinion on the new restrictive measures proposed by the Principal State Health Inspector

The Union for Private Economic Enterprise as a nationally representative employer organization expresses the following opinion in connection with the proposed by the Principal State Health Inspector of the Minister of Health new restrictive measures on the territory of the country in connection with the spread of COVID-19:

I. With regard to the new restrictive measures proposed by the Principal State Health Inspector of the Minister of Health on the territory of the country in connection with the spread of COVID-19.

The proposals made are based on the model of suspension of work in all public places applied at the beginning of the pandemic and during the next two waves. Indeed, this is the easiest and fastest way to limit the spread, but the most negative for the development of the economy. We believe that this model needs to be revised by considering and implementing more alternative ways to influence the spread of the infection without ceasing business.

Prof. Dr. Angel Kunchev, Principal State Health Inspector / Source:

1. In connection with our position expressed in this way, we do not support the proposal to suspend the holding of congress-conference events, seminars, competitions, trainings and other public events in a closed form. / strong> Congress and conference events and similar indoor events do not contain a high degree of risk. These are events that allow for a high degree of control and can in no way be equated with mass initiatives with a high concentration of people.

It should be borne in mind that such a ban will put all city hotels on the verge of bankruptcy, as most of their activities are related to the implementation of such events and business trips, which are currently severely limited due to current restrictions. for entry of foreigners on the territory of the country.

2. We suggest holding private events (baptisms, weddings, etc.) with no more than 25 people indoors . The proposal of the Principal State Health Inspector does not contain enough arguments and statistics on the spread of the infection at such events, nor is there any data that the current admission of 30 people indoors to turn such events into outbreaks. We believe that a reduction margin of 5 people will have a sufficiently beneficial effect. Less than this number makes it virtually impossible to hold such events, although the measures allow for this .

3. There is no factual grounds for terminating the indoor operation of catering and entertainment establishments, which are adjacent to the accommodation places within the meaning of Art. 124 of the Tourism Act, in respect of persons who are not guests.

These dining and entertainment establishments must operate in the same mode as other establishments. Otherwise, they are placed at a disadvantage , as in these places business contacts are often made with persons who are not guests of the hotel and this is part of the so-called. “Urban business culture”. Such a restriction would have a negative effect on business and is not based on reasonable reasoning.

4. In all of the above cases, emphasis should be placed on introducing and / or strengthening access control and restricting the flow of persons in accordance with established norms.

5. We support the cessation of the use of gyms and halls in schools, as these premises in most cases do not have good ventilation and almost all training in the institution goes through them every day.

ІІ. We propose to introduce the following measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 infection.

1. An active campaign for voluntary vaccination and to encourage compliance with the introduced anti-epidemic measures.

2. Strengthen control over compliance with all imposed restrictions and measures.

3. Mandatory disinfection (through dispensers, etc.) when entering and leaving all public places.

3. Mandatory temperature measurement when entering all indoor public spaces.

4. Free access to antigen tests for staff at public sites and for visitors.

5. Business representatives should be responsible for monitoring the implementation of measures. Violators should be deprived of subsidies.

6. Permanent entry into the green zone of all countries with over 70% vaccinated.