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The Working Conditions Fund supports businesses throughout the year

The Working Conditions Fund finances projects to improve working conditions in enterprises. Project proposals are accepted all year round, every month until the 25th.

The maximum size of a project proposal is BGN 330,000, of which BGN 220,000 (70%) is own financing and BGN 100,000 (30%) are financed by the Fund.

They have the right to apply legally persons who meet the following requirements:

  1. To at the time of applying for funding provide employment for workers and / or employees under employment contracts concluded with them;
  2. Imported are regularly and without interruptions the due insurance contributions;
  3. Filed are in the Executive Agency “General Labor Inspectorate” declaration under Art. 15 from The Health and Safety at Work Act;
  4. Appointed have or have appointed at least one official with appropriate education or qualification for organizing the implementation of activities related to protection and prevention of occupational risks, have created a specialized service or have assigned by contract to other natural or legal persons organization the implementation of the indicated activities;
  5. They provided are servicing their employees from the occupational medicine service;
  6. Employers with 5 and more employees to have an established committee (group) on working conditions;
  7. They have or use on a valid legal basis the property in which it will be realized the project.

The fund finances projects for improving working conditions in individual enterprises with specific practical Applicability related to:

  1. Reconstruction and modernization of existing sites;
  2. Implementation of new and modernization of existing technologies and / or facilities;
  3. Construction or improving the occupational risk prevention system place;
  4. Construction or improving the quality assurance system;
  5. Improvement the sanitary and hygienic conditions;
  6. Security of machines and equipment;
  7. Others projects related to improving working conditions.

Eligible costs:

  1. For reconstruction and modernization of existing sites:
    • renovation of the working premises – patching of walls, priming, plastering, screeds, painting;
    • installation of new floor coverings;
    • installation of suspended ceilings;
    • repair of roofs;
    • replacement of existing inefficient joinery;
    • replacement of doors;
    • construction of partition walls and others.
  2. All activities leading to increasing the safety of workers (installation of safety screens; safety nets; additional safety elements; signal systems; partition walls, etc.) and related to the used work equipment. The activities envisaged must not lead to increased productivity and competitiveness. New work equipment, personal protective equipment, collective protective equipment cannot be purchased.
  3. All activities for construction, repair and replacement of lighting and electrical installations, ventilation systems, aspiration systems, air conditioning and heating installations, water and sewerage, fire alarm, fire extinguishing and other systems. The normatively required fire extinguishers and fire extinguishing systems, directly related to the main activity of the enterprise, cannot be purchased under the project.
  4. All activities for repair of the sanitary premises used by the employees (replacement of floor coverings, water supply and sewerage, sanitary ware, faience, joinery, doors, lighting, installation of a suspended ceiling, etc .; demarcation of premises, etc.).

Elements of working conditions that have been improved with the implementation of the project:

  • technical safety of work equipment;
  • microclimate – temperature, humidity and air velocity;
  • dust;
  • noise;
  • vibrations;
  • lighting;
  • electrical safety;
  • fire safety;
  • radiation – ionizing and non-ionizing;
  • chemical agents;
  • biological agents;
  • manual work with weights;
  • sanitary and household conditions.

You can see the official announcement on the following internet address:

The necessary forms and documents for application can be found at the following website: