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The Union for Private Economic Enterprise supported the proposed changes in the Ordinance on medical expertise during the meeting of the NTCC

At the meeting of the National Council for Tripartite Cooperation (NTCC) on 06.07.2021, the Union for Private Economic Enterprise (UPPE) supported the proposed changes in the Ordinance on Medical Expertise.

The project provides for a sick leave quarantine to be issued by the GP alone, including when before the quarantine the person used 180 calendar days of uninterrupted leave for temporary incapacity for work or 360 calendar days with a break in two previous calendar years and the year of illness. The UPEE supports this proposal, taking into account the medical expediency, namely to prevent the spread of the contagious disease by repeatedly appearing before various bodies of the medical examination during the quarantine, among other patients.

The project also envisages the possibility of including not only specialists in occupational diseases, but also specialists in occupational medicine, radiobiology or radiation hygiene in the composition of the TEMC / NEMC in the examination of persons on the occasion of acceptance or rejection of the occupational nature of the disease. . The change was imposed due to the difficulties in finding a sufficient number of specialists in occupational diseases. The principal position of the UPEE regarding the identified problem with medical staff (in this case in the field of occupational diseases) is to seek a common solution by implementing a targeted policy in the field of education and opportunities for further implementation.

The Union for Private Economic Enterprise also supported the changes related to enabling people with definitive and irreversible disabilities to receive a lifetime TEMP decision without having to be re-certified every three years. At their request and in the presence of a change in the type and degree of their damage, re-certification will be possible.