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The campaign for the benefits of the declared work “All rights reserved!” – # EU4FairWork

Within the framework of the European Campaign for Declared Labor 2020, the Bulgarian state, with the support of the social partners, is conducting the campaign “All rights reserved!”. A broad awareness campaign will be conducted on the benefits of the declared work, with the main materials available on the campaign’s Facebook page:



Within the framework of the European campaign “Europe for declared work” 2020, a survey was created, which aims to collect opinions on the motivation of workers – future and present, employers and self-employed to work declared, respectively not to declare their work. You can see more about the survey and a link to its versions in Bulgarian and English on the Facebook page of the campaign in Bulgaria:


Do you know the manifestations of undeclared work? You can check through the survey created by the European Platform for Undeclared Work and the European Labor Authority in the framework of the European Declared Labor Campaign. The answers are based on a special Eurobarometer survey on “Undeclared work in the European Union”. In the survey you will find questions about the definition of undeclared work, the different forms of distribution of undeclared work and the areas of negative impact of undeclared work on society. You can see the survey itself on the following page:


Bulgarian workers and employers have a chance to win prizes up to € 500 if they enter the # EU4FairWork competition to share good practices proving the benefits of working on light. It is organized within the framework of the European campaign for declared labor. By August 21, 2020, those wishing to participate must submit a photo or video up to 90 seconds, along with a brief description of the benefits of the declared work for them and their families (if employed) or for their enterprise employers). The working language of the competition is English.

Photos and videos in category “Working” will be promoted on the EURES Facebook page . Employers’ stories about the business benefits of declared work will promoted mainly through the profile of the European Labor Authority (ELA) in LinkedIn and less often on his Twitter account

Direct access to accounts in the organization’s social networks are also provided through its website

The participants in the “Employers” category can upload their videos or photos here:

The three winners to be announced in September 2020 can choose one of the following prizes, up to EUR 500: specially made corporate video; voucher for online training on any topic and in a channel on choice – (LinkedIn Learning, Edx, Udemy, Coursera or others); Organising company party; promotional items including the campaign logo.