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Proposal of the UPEE for change of the anti-epidemic measures on the territory of Sofia-city

In connection with the temporary anti-epidemic measures on the territory of Sofia-city, ordered in Order № RD-01-343 / 12.10.2021 of the Director of the Sofia Regional Health Inspectorate, as of 14.10.2021, The Union for Private Economic Enterprise as a national representative an employers’ organization proposes a change in the established regime in item 3 and item 24 of the order, as follows:

We believe that there are no convincing arguments regarding the complete suspension of the holding of congress-conference events, seminars, exhibitions and other public events in the form ordered in item 3 of the order.

Congress and conference events and similar indoor events do not contain a high degree of risk. These are events that allow for a high degree of control and can in no way be equated with mass initiatives with a high concentration of people. In this context, they are not at a higher risk than the cultural and entertainment events, visits to museums and galleries and the like allowed to be held by the same order.

At the same time, with regard to congress-conference and similar indoor events, no permission is regulated for their holding in compliance with certain restrictive norms – for example, number of participants, distance between participants, capacity of the room, etc.

There is not even a permit for their holding according to item 24 of the order, namely in the presence of vaccinated, sick or proven negative for COVID-19 personnel and vaccinated, sick or proven negative for COVID-19 participants.

In connection with the complete ban on holding congress-conference and similar events indoors (item 3 of the order), the meaning of the text of item 21 remains unclear, namely the established exception for wearing protective masks for a person in closed public places. with regard to the participants in congress-conference events and the like during their speeches.

In connection with the above, we propose the following specific changes in the issued Order № RD-01-343 / 12.10.2021 of the Director of the Sofia Regional Health Inspectorate:

  1. Point 3 to read as follows: “Conducting congress-conference events, seminars, symposia, trainings and other events of this nature is allowed when using no more than 30% of the capacity of the room in which they are held and no more of 20 participants, observing a physical distance of 1.5 m and wearing face masks of all participants “;
  2. In item 24 after the words “Introduced anti-epidemic measures under item” the number “3” shall be added and a comma shall be placed.