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OPEN LETTER from BICA, BIA, BCCI, CEIBG and UPEE on the occasion of a speech by Deputy Prime Minister Asen Vassilev

The reason for this letter is the insulting statement of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Asen Vassilev, according to whom “incompetent and incompetent employers who cannot pay so that there are no working poor should be removed from the market. Because they can’t create an organization and they can’t use the skills of the workers. Here the worker could not earn 710 BGN, in Greece they easily earn 1000 euros each. “
As an economist and as Minister of Finance, Mr. Vassilev should be aware that:

☑️ In Bulgaria, half of those employed at the minimum wage are in the budget sphere. Thus, by his logic, the most incompetent employer is the state!

☑️ People with low or completely missing qualifications and experience are employed at the minimum wage in the private sector. In small settlements and municipalities with a predominant Roma population, employers take over the social function of the state by training and qualifying completely illiterate and unqualified people and paying them as much as they earn. Instead of receiving gratitude, employers in such municipalities will now be declared incompetent. Yes, abroad such people receive more, but for such work and results, such is the pay. Abroad, ministers also receive more.

☑️ The unmeasured increase in the minimum wage for some economic activities and regions of the country leads to equalization of all wages at the level of the minimum wage and demotivation of workers to qualify and earn more. productive labor. Ie the problem is not in the level of wages only of employees on the minimum wage, but is a structural problem related to the overall level of wages;

☑️ The minimum wage is a result value and is determined by the quantity and quality of situations labor, not social assistance.
In addition, we note that in terms of “working poor” Bulgaria is in the middle of the EU rankings. And according to the indicator “populism of politicians”, which is the ratio of the minimum wage to GDP per capita, we are 1;

We remind Mr. Vassilev that the “incompetent” Bulgarian employer, unlike European colleagues:

☑️ is forced to pay unaffordable bills for electricity due to the ongoing “staff” management of the energy sector in Bulgaria for years;

намира With extraordinary efforts finds workers with education , skills and competencies at a decent but not high enough level, due to the extremely “effective” management of the education sector by pouring funds without setting conditions for improving the quality of graduates;

☑️ Forced to waste time and a resource for overcoming many bureaucratic obstacles due to the “targeted” spending of millions on e-government in the country with almost zero results and spreading corruption (in the fight against which there are no real results yet);

☑️ In the last two years there is no elementary security in connection with the covid pandemic, due to the extremely “competent” introduction of meaningless measures, which continues today.
Against this background, we can not ignore any attacks and insulting qualifications that do not correspond to objective reality.

Let the government not forget that Bulgarian business has faced the colossal challenges since the beginning of the transition, after decades of being deprived of the opportunity to acquire entrepreneurial skills, and we are sure that it will cope now.

Photo: BNT News