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National protest against the drastic increase in the price of electricity, October 19th, 2021, 12-15 h, in front of the Council of Ministers

We protest because:

∙ The current levels of electricity prices for non-household consumers are unbearable for most companies. They are three times higher than the EWRC’s forecasts and four times higher than last year’s. It has never happened even close to this growth!

∙ Over 600 thousand non-domestic subscribers are subjected to a price shock – not only large and medium-sized industrial enterprises, but also small businesses. These are hospitals, schools, nurseries and kindergartens, water companies, theaters, museums and other cultural institutions, state and municipal departments and enterprises and other consumers. All non-household electricity consumers.

∙ This leads to insolvency of enterprises, threatens not only the growth of wages and their regular payment, but also the jobs themselves. It leads to inflation and impoverishment.

∙ No measures have been taken to compensate the enterprises so that all this does not happen.

What do we insist on?

We insist on compensation of the OVER-cost for each non-domestic consumer of electricity, so that the price of electricity for the industry is at least close to that of the regulated market. For the period from August 2021 to the month when the price normalizes.

We want to compensate at least 75% of the difference between the estimated price of the EWRC (BGN 119 per megawatt hour) and the real price for non-domestic consumers (about BGN 400 in recent days) – a difference that the state has.

Compensation must be immediate (not next year)!

Compensation must be adequate and fair. For October, for example – in the order of BGN 200 per megawatt-hour (and not the symbolic BGN 50 per MWh)!

Compensation should be for everyone (not for a few companies)!

We want additional measures to limit the damage to the Bulgarian economy from the jump in the prices of electricity and other energy sources.

The protest is not political!

Please wear masks!