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Introductory information press conference on the project № BG05M9OP001-1.128-0006-С01 “Joint actions of social partners for the development of digital skills”

On December 14th 2021, the Union for Private Economic Enteprrise (UPPE) organized an Introductory Information Press Conference on the project № BG05M9OP001-1.128-0006-С01 “Joint actions of social partners for the development of digital skills”.

The public event is held under the procedure BG05M9OP001-1.128 “Digital Skills Development” – Component 2, funded by the Operational Program “Human Resources Development” (OP HRD), co-financed by the European Union through the European Union Social Fund.

Operation “Development of Digital Skills” is a large-scale program of the HRD OP, covering each sector of the Bulgarian economy, aimed at determining the specific levels of digital skills needed by employees to perform their daily tasks. tasks and supporting their acquisition, in accordance with the evolving digital technologies.The procedure is performed within two components.Under Component 1 a methodology was developed to determine the state and needs for development of digital skills / competencies, methodology for determining specific levels of digital skills of employees, as well as the requirements for the development of unified profiles of digital skills in each of the economic sectors. This laid the foundation for the implementation of the activities of Component 2, within which, will be developed, tested and validated unified profiles for digital skills in key positions and / or professions, as well as sectoral qualifications frameworks for digital skills development. .

The event was attended by Mrs. Violina Nakova, President of the Union for Private Economic Enterprise, Mr. Tsvetan Spasov, Head of the Managing Authority, Dimitar Manolov, President of Podkrepa

Ms. Kristina Stancheva, Project Manager, said:

The “Digital Skills Development” procedure is a smooth transition to the priority for the new EU programming period (2021) -2027) – digitalisation of the economy, which is based on increasing the digital competencies of employees in each economic sector.

Mss. Violina Nakova, Chair of the UPPE, noted:

“Through the joint actions of the social partners and the Ministry of labor and social policy will support enterprises and the workforce to better adapt to the changes and challenges that Industry 4.0 will pose in the field of the labor market and a smooth transition to the development of the workforce with the necessary knowledge and skills for occupying the jobs of the future “.

The duration of the project is 20 months, starting on November 1, 2021 and the completion date is June 30, 2023. The partners of the SSE beneficiary are the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy (MLSP) and the Confederation of Labor “Support” (LC Support).