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Hospital fraud is discussed by the National Council for Tripartite Cooperation

A package of measures to curb sick leave fraud will be discussed by the National Council for Tripartite Cooperation.

Bines raised the issue late last year and demanded that the state take over the payment of benefits for the first three days of illness, which are now at the expense of employers. An analysis of the National Social Security Institute showed that in 9 years the costs for hospitalizations have increased by BGN 210 million, in 2018 they have reached BGN 500 million.

For the National Social Security Institute, the costs increased by 82 percent for the nine-year period, and for the business – by 130 percent, but the greatest burden falls on the sick leaves lasting between 8 and 30 days.

The measures that the state offers to business and trade unions are related to tightening control. In case of false hospitalization, the benefits will be refunded and the doctor will be subject to disciplinary sanction, and a mechanism will be introduced for quick notification of the employer in case of illness of his employee with the possibility for the boss to request a second examination in case of suspected fraud.

At the same time, emergency inspections are offered at the workers’ homes, and when leaving the country, the Border Police should check the register of hospitalizations and, if such is issued, notify the National Social Security Institute.

It is also proposed that the first sick leave have a maximum duration of up to seven days instead of the current 15. It is likely to be reduced from 30 to 20 days and those issued by medical commissions. In addition, the state flatly refuses to accept payments for the first three days of illness.

Minister Denitsa Sacheva:

“This policy would cost about two hundred million extra- The budget is limited, we are the country with the lowest taxes. At the same time the budget will have a certain elasticity, which is already exhausted and just a mechanical transfer the payment of these three days by the NSSI employers how this helps the employees to sit at their jobs “.