On cybersecurity conference that became traditional, Mr. Oren Elimelech, cybersecurity and data protection specialist, CISO, CISM, CRISC, CISSP, CISA, CEH, CFR, a leading cybersecurity expert and advisor at the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety of the State of Israel, set out useful steps to protect consumers in  Internet.

In the presence of Ms. Mariana Nikolova, Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Cybersecurity Council, representatives of the Personal Data Protection Commission and the State Agency for Electronic Governance, he once again emphasized on importance of the public-private partnership in the fight against the cyber- terrorism. He paid particular attention to the importance of consumer education that has to be supported by the government in order users to be prepared in case of cyber threats and cyber attacks.

Mr. Elimelech shared that Bulgaria and Israel are working very well together at government level and added that Ms. Nikolova has expressed her support for all initiatives.

The leading cybersecurity expert informed that an excellent partnership with the Bulgarian government will bring Israeli experience and knowledge, and confirmed that top-level cooperation is very important, because it depends on the state to support education and consumers to be familiar with all levels of prevention, and that this should be enshrined in corporate security requirements.