About us

The Union for Private Economic Enterprise (UPEE) was established on December 22nd, 1989 as the first non-governmental and non-profit association of private entrepreneurs in the Republic of Bulgaria to unite the private sector and to support its activities and successful development.

UPEE had been recognized as a nationally representative employers’ organization in 1993.  According to the latest data from the National Social Security Institute, UPEE represents the interests of over 4 600 enterprises with more than 160,000 employees, 42 branch and 88 municipal organizations throughout the country.

Today, UPEE is an authentic representative of the micro, small and medium-sized business and crafts and represents its members on local, national and international level.

UPEE is a dynamically developing organization that meets the daily challenges of the business in Bulgaria. As a reliable partner, UPEE steadily supports its members’ activities by developing an adequate and appropriate tools, policies and decisions.

The mission of UPEE is to support the sustainability and the development of union’s members’ businesses; to foster the entrepreneurial spirit and the establishment of new enterprises and jobs; to work actively for the economic and social progress of the country.

As a reliable social partner, UPEE contributes to the protection and improvement of SME sector and crafts using measures through lobbying with all tools permitted by the law for policies, oriented to the establishment of a balanced and beneficial economic environment and reduction of the administrative and bureaucratic burdens.

UPEE is a loyal partner of the entrepreneurs and the employers that represents and defends their interests.

UPEE’s slogan is “Act First For The Small Ones”, because the small business has the greatest need of support in order to cope with the risks and challenges on the way ahead.

UPEE‘s main activities include conducting of studies regarding the business environment; preparation of systematic analysis; drafting of law proposals and regulations’ amendments; drafting of proposals to improve the business climate in the country; development of a plans for economic and financial support SMEs and crafts through:

  1. Participation in the lawmaking process;
  2. Participation in the National Council for Tripartite Cooperation;
  3. Representation in commissions and monitoring committees of operational programs;
  4. Representation in municipal, district and regional development councils and committees


UPEE is a member of SMEUnited and ESBA and works in partnership with ADAPT International and other European and international organizations in order to achieve its goals.